Fidutia et Ensis | Tax Advice. Accounting and Labour Consulting. Handling of Deeds.
Fidutia is the most prominent law firm of Palma de Mallorca. Account with the best specialists in law labour, Fiscal, accounting, administrative and handling of Deeds.
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Tax Advice


Tax advice both private individuals and entrepreneurs and professionals as well as to companies, non-profit institutions and non-residents in Spain.


Accounting Consulting


This involves both the conduct of the official accounts and adjusted to the chart of accounts for companies such as managing the books that requires the taxation rules.


Labour Consulting


We register the company in Social Security and subsequent modifications: management changes, new trading account codes, High/low and variation data of workers. Employment contracts.


Handling of Deeds


We are experts in all the problems and related casuistry with the processing of all kinds of deeds as purchases, mortgages, inheritances, donations, company formation, mergers, etc.


«All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference. «